think different

Contrarianism: If you’re doing something that’s wildly unpopular in the moment, you’re probably doing it right.


The Cowboy Code: Honor, Risk, Contrarianism, Hard Work. We relentlessly pursue the most sought after pre-IPO, VC and Startup deals. We invest 90-100% of our personal wealth alongside our clients. We have all of our skin in the game. Win big or die in battle, guns blazing.

The Mindful Fund

Humor or non-rigidity allows for an enjoyment of the moment and a non-attachment to any particular outcome. This has yielded some of the best outcomes of the past several years: Facebook, Twitter, Legalzoom, Palantir and Lyft.

Startup Fund

Here are the themes we’re investing in, and 2/3 you won’t see anywhere else so we know we’ll be at least 2/3 right … First, actual reality (*not virtual): of course VR will be huge but VR is a capital intensive business and has already been won by our flagship trade Facebook (3-4x you’re welcome).

The best tech ideas will be the tools that get you off your devices and facilitate real life connection (IRL /in real life) that we all need for the survival of our species, no hyperbole. The first big winner here is Lyft (2x). Lyft was always about “your friend giving you a lift” and *NOT about “your own private driver”  … And look who’s kicking who’s ass this year … As it turns out, treating people well matters. Also, meditation and mindfulness is an immediate automatic solution to device addiction and all addictions … So anything that facilitates more conscious and mindful behaviors, put your money there.

Second, Marijuana: This is the obvious one. To not have exposure here is malpractice. Less obvious is the difficulty in finding investable opportunities.

Even Peter Thiel is having difficulty finding Founders that can run the business, and also communicate to Wall Street in a way that does not resemble Jeff Spicoli.

Third, singularity: Exponential growth is still happening. The idea that for round-to-zero dollars you can reach a billion people is completely unprecedented. Early innings here for social apps with reach.

Core Values

All of our decisions flow from our core values and beliefs.


Ease of mind with intentionality allows our decisions to be clear, complete and long term focused.

Service to Others

Providing quality service builds lifetime relationships and is a result of a lifetime practice of transparency and integrity.


We relentlessly pursue only the most compelling opportunities. Join us.



We have insanely great opportunities for our investors. Let’s not waste each other’s time though… If you are interested call me. If you just wanna have a chat, call your mother. Most of you have made and will continue to make more money here @bgallo than all your other investments combined.

Dont hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be focusing on our meditation practice and bringing this 10,000 year old technology to as many people as possible.  Last year we realized that teaching one person this practice added more value to the world than all of our investments combined.  So if you want to learn to meditate, call me for that as well.

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